HELP for Image Sets

An "Image Set" is a group of related photos. I am posting them here for our friends and family to review the pictures, select any they want to save, and then they can download the pictures from this website.

When you click on an Image Set a new window will open, and in that window you'll see a "Strip" of small thumbnail images down the left, and on the right will be a "Resized Image" of the first image in the set. Above the Resized Image on the right is the "Navigation Area".

To navigate from image-to-image, you cane either (1) click the image you want to see from the Strip on the left, or (2) click the left or right naviation arrows at the top right, or finally (3) use the dropdown list above the Resized Image on the right, and below the aviation arrows.

IF you click on the Resized Image on the right, it will open the "Original Image" in a new window.
Warning: the Original Images are untouched and full size!! Some of these will be 7MB or more EACH! We're talking 5 seconds to 5 minutes to view each Original Image, depending upon your Internet speed.
To return to the Image Set after viewing an Original Image, just close the new window

- To download the full size Original Image, either
  (1) right click it and select save, or
  (2) instead of clicking on the Resized Image, use the right mouse button and "Right Click" the Resized Image and from the menu that pops up, select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As".

- To download the Resized Image, just right click on the Resized Image you want and choose either "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As"

- To exit an Original Image and return to the Image Set, just close the browser window.

- To exit the Image Set and return to Alvars.Net, just close the browser window.